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In studio

For the first of what we hope will be many in a new music series we’re calling The (614) Sessions, The Turbos joined us in our offices for a stripped-down acoustic set.



“When it comes to the business of being in a band, the members of the Turbos adhere pretty firmly to the executive track, weighing things like market trends and audience reaction while doing anything from plotting tours to woodshedding new material.” - Andy Downing



Unsigned Spotlight Interview with Jordan Mohler


Review: ‘Murica

“The lyrics are charged, but that’s part of what makes listening to The Turbos dynamic–and the overall force of the music is reminiscent of your favorite ’90s garage-rock artists. It’s music that makes your body want to move.”

- Kaiya Gordon



“Though still near the beginning of the journey, the Turbos might just be the heroes rock ‘n’ roll needs.” - Mike Thomas



Columbus' Own:  The Turbos’ Columbus-inspired rock n’ roll


ALbum Review

"When venturing into rock music these days, there are so many factors that almost seem to be required to stand out among the thousands of bands, even on our side of the country. The Turbos have covered just about every one I can think of." - Jack Harper